Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Maui Adventure
 (The session)

On my first session in Hookipa, i must admit that i was a bit scared, but i was also super excited to be on the water, to do my first session in Hookipa!!
In my homespot we don't have waves very often, and most of the time i'm freestyling, so i decided to come to maui to improve my skills and to be more versatile on the sport.
My first vision of Hookipa was a spot with a mast high dark blue wave, breaking on the shallow water, that hides a cemetery of masts and sails in the reef caves under our boards!

I'm having the time of my life, i'm now living together with some good friends, in a super relaxing house, just five minutes away from Hookipa.
I'm living with Levi Lenz (who encouraged me to come to maui), Vinicius Martins (a young gun from Rio de janeiro), Luc Buhagiar (a  professional french cheff), and Adrien Bosson (that is not living with us, but is part of the team), we have been sailing together in all sessions always pushing each other to improve.

Levi Lenz over the lip

Vinicius Martins the young waterman talent from Rio de Janeiro

Luc Buhagiar the french Chef riping on big sets 

Adrien Bosson the French talent from le Brusc

At home after the session !

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