Thursday, October 21, 2010

On the road

Hello everybody
Finally I'm back in Brazil to do a nice trip with brazilians and frenchs friends, make a nice video project and of corse to trainig a lot !

Now the first step is in Sao Miguel do Gostoso locate in the north of Brazil at 500 km of Fortaleza.
With my friends Levi Lenz, Ian Mouro, Joao Henrique and françoi Depayre we did 7h dryiving to arrive in the new Kauli club.

We are doing a t trip with somes fotrografes to visit Kaulis new windsurf club, and the place is realy beautiful and perfect to training freestyle, jumps, somme times wave and padle board .

At the momnet Im using 4.8m but normaly is 4.5 full power ! unfortunaly I hurt my wrist
so i cant sail every day.

Chek the photos

more news and photos soon !!!

see ya

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Cristiano said...

GOSTEI!!! Le club de Kauli a l'air bien sympa, tu as vu comment il avait réalisé ce projet, vous en avez parlé? A+ et bon vent : )